I have a handful of software projects that are publicly available. All are under the Creative Commons Attribution–NonCommercial licence unless otherwise specified.

A webapp for tracking books I own, read, want to read, etc., that I built after becoming frustrated with Goodreads. It’s online and can be accessed here, though it doesn’t have support for multiple users. (Python, Django.)
Command-line tool for calculating date offsets, e.g., the difference between two dates, or the date that’s a given period of time before or after another date. (Python.)
When I switched from zsh to fish I wanted to keep a lot of the git aliases I’d become used to from the oh-my-zsh plugin, so I translated them. (Fish; MIT licence.)
A wrapper around pandoc for generating PDF/DOCX essays from markdown input. (Python.)
I use Things as a task manager, and I wrote some scripts to handle some automated tasks. (AppleScript.)
A script for converting Yaml datastructures into Apple plist format. (Python.)

I’ve also made contributions to a couple of other projects:

Contributed support for aliases.
Patched to make commenting behaviour work properly. (Not merged yet; maintaining as a fork for now.)