Benjamin Eskola

Cycle rides

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I’ve tended to be quite lazy about cycling since I moved to London; at best I’ve cycled two or three times a week (just between home and work), and there have been periods when I’ve gone weeks without cycling (which does, admittedly, give me an opportunity to read more, which I don’t otherwise find time for very often).

In an attempt to remedy this, I’ve been challenging myself to cycle to work every day. After a couple of months in which I’d only been cycling once a week, if at all, last week I managed three days again — one of the days I missed due to going go-karting after work, and the other because I was so sore after the go-karting. I want to keep it up all winter, because I know if I stop it could easily be spring before I start again.

A big problem has been oversleeping: if I don’t have time to wake up properly before I leave the house, I don’t feel safe cycling in traffic, so I take the train — and end up being even later, as cycling is significantly faster than public transport. Another reason to try to fix my sleeping pattern, I suppose.

I’ve also been trying, from time to time, to go out for longer rides at weekends.