Benjamin Eskola

Moved to London


As mentioned in a previous entry, I’ll be working in central London from the 14th. So, since the commute from Plymouth would be pretty horrific, I’ve moved to somewhere slightly closer: Grange Hill in Essex. This is only temporary: Loupie’s sister had a spare room until the beginning of August. That should give me enough time to sort out somewhere more permanent.

Currently my room’s a bit of a tip; it’s smaller than my old room and I have a lot of stuff. I’ve put some of it in storage (mainly the four boxes of books, two of computer hardware, three computers that I don’t use regularly, etc.) but it’s still a bit crowded. My bike’s also in there temporarily, as it’s a bit far to cycle to work (also, drivers around here are frankly scary, and I don’t want to be on a road anywhere near them).

I’ll still be down in Plymouth every so often; I have too many good friends there to stay away. I’m particularly looking forward to terrifying some newbies at the Freshers’ Fair, and I should also be around for Gem’s and/or Ross and Christa’s housewarming.

Current plans are to get to know the area and to brush up on my PHP before the 14th, get stuff unpacked (assuming there’s space to do so), and acquire more books.