Benjamin Eskola

Six Months

personalwork, mendeley, cycling

Apparently it’s a been a while since I wrote anything here. Nothing hugely noteworthy has happened; life just carries on. I’ve been at Mendeley for six months now (and a few days), and I’m now officially (semi-officially, perhaps) a system administrator — given that I haven’t spent any time on web coding since late August, it seemed sensible. I also finally graduated from university in Plymouth, with such a stupendously unimpressive result that I almost wish I’d dropped out a couple of years ago and done something practical instead.

I got myself a new bike through cyclescheme last month, and so I’ve been trying to cycle to work at least a couple of days a week — the new bike is much nicer than my old one, and London roads are surpisingly pleasant to cycle on (for a start, the gradient is generally negligable, and the potholes are mostly no worse than Plymouth). I’m living in Hackney at the moment, about 4.5 miles from work, which is a pretty reasonable distance to commute unless I’m feeling lazy.

I signed up for flickr again, after deleting my account a while back. It’s mostly old photos on there so far, but I’m going to be attempting to take more from now on. There are a few more recent ones, or not-so-recent ones that I never got around to uploading. I’ve started using Digikam to manage them, which makes it somewhat easier to manage them than a command-line interface did (which was the main barrier to me actually doing stuff with flickr previously).

I have a vague intention of writing more in the new year. Most likely this means that I’ll post again in six months’ time…