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So, not all that much has been happening recently. Spent New Year coding, eating curry, watching Monty Python, then watching the countdown with Jools Holland and drinking, for some reason, amaretto.

I bought myself an Eee PC 1000 so that I can have a laptop that I can actually carry around, and I’m generally very happy with it — I’ve put a stock version of Debian on there, and it works pretty much perfectly. (The only issue is that when it comes out of hibernation after more than 10 minutes it immediately thinks “oh, I’ve been inactive for ages, time to go to sleep” and suspends, but that’s probably my fault…)

I had hoped to go to FOSDEM this year, but due to university stuff on the Friday I’d pretty much ruled it out. However, somebody pointed out I could get the sleeper to London then the first train to Brussels in the morning, so after some rushed booking I’m going after all. :)

And I’m still not dead, in case that wasn’t obvious. Though hills seem to have gotten steeper over Christmas.