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Apparently the University of Plymouth Students’ Union is giving away free copies of FHM magazine for Freshers’ Week, along with a number of other universities around the country.

This despite the open letter from the NUS Women’s Officer condemning the “marketing campaign” by BAM Student Marketing, and the fact that the University recently won an award for gender equality.

I’ve sent an email to the President of the SU, and to the Vice-President of Education and Welfare (which used to be several positions: LGBT Officer, Women’s Officer, etc.; I don’t know whether the change is for the better). I’ve also sent a copy to the Equality and Diversity team at the University. Awaiting replies…

Update 17:40: I’ve had a reply from the President of the SU; something I hadn’t noticed is that she has already signed the NUS petition. Apparently, “We will be debating the issue of ‘lad’s mags’ at a forthcoming Student Parliament meeting, to seek further student opinion.”