Benjamin Eskola

Life update

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So, the last piece of coursework is out of the way and, barring two exams and a demo, that’s the end of another academic year. Whether I’ve passed or not remains to be seen, of course.

On Monday I have an interview at Plymouth Marine Labs, for a year-long work placement with the Remote Sensing and Modelling groups. If I get the place, I’ll be developing software to deal with various scientific data. They use mostly GNU/Linux, which will be a nice change from the Uni’s Microsoft-whoredom (they use Fedora Core 6, from the looks of their mail headers, but it’s better than nothing :).

If I don’t get it, I’ll just get a temp job over the summer again and carry on to my final year, but it’d be cool to work there and good to get a break from academic work for a while.

On the 30th of April, I’m planning to head up to Cambridge to hear a lecture by Richard Stallman; details here, or TermiSoc plans here. Since I’ve never been to Cambridge before, and getting from the station to the building in which the lecture is to be held involves a 3+ mile trek across the city, I predict fun times to be had for all.

On the 1st of May, I take over as TermiPresident. Scary. I have plans for the society over the coming year, but they’re sekrit. TermiSoc’s end-of-term celebration is the 18th of May, though we’re not completely decided what’s going on. It will likely involve a) beach, b) drinking, c) music, d) burning of foodstuffs, or e) any or all of the above. Attendance is mandatory for TermiSoc members, except for the bit where that was a lie. Non-members are also welcome to come along, though why you’d want to is beyond me. :)

As far as techie stuff goes: I want to get vox populi into a useful state, and get termibot past the prototype stage. I’ve had ideas for a few other things I could do; more details forthcoming once I have slightly more concrete plans for them.