First week over

personalpml and work

Today was the first day of my second week at PML, and I appear to have survived so far. The work’s pretty interesting; I spent the first couple of days writing Perl, and seem to have won; the last few days have been spent getting to grips with one of the major projects I’ll be working on. It’s a bit of PHP and a lot of Javascript, and my first task has been adding session support, rather than passing dozens of parameters in the URL (which will lead, hopefully, to being able to make the whole thing a lot more user-friendly, or at least developer-friendly).

This afternoon, I also started the second part of my role there — I’ll be doing some sysadmin-type stuff, on a rather more serious level than I’ve had the opportunity to do before. I’m setting up a brand-new (had to unpack it and everything) server to act as a master for a cluster, and then experiment with SystemImager so that we can easily roll out upgrades.

It’s a pretty cool place to work, too; there’s various sport and social groups (including cycling and running, helpfully), and there’s also apparently an agreement with a gym nearby to allow PML staff to use their facilities.

Looking forward to the rest of the year. (Hopefully not famous last words…)